Water words

It has been a busy November, just like most of my Novembers.

It’s the big changeover month where work transforms from a long-blown popsicle stand to a manic hive all abuzz with delightful and charming bees. It’s the month that I spend writing terrible novels.


The novel is going swimmingly, by the way. I seem to be keeping up with the required daily word contribution of just under 1700 words, getting ahead on the weekend, barely scraping by on Wednesday, and completely blowing it on Monday (thanks to my Danish classes) and Tuesday (because of dodgeball).

And here I am now. Sparkly and practically begging to ruin the trusty Bluetooth keyboard that’s been my buddy for at least five years now. The typing has been free of mishap so far, but I’m making no promises. If I drown my keyboard tonight, at least I’ll comfort myself knowing that we had a good run.

Hey, USA, good job picking a president. I can’t imagine what more could possibly be said about that. I’m sure the rest of the Information Superhighway has no comment.

All of these words are not counting as part of my novel. I’ll bet I can sort that out before the water gets cold.

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