Firstly: I have finally captured my cat’s love for bananas. If you’ve ever met me, you’ve heard about my cat because I’m a crazy cat lady and have little else to talk about. And when I talk about my cat, I have to bring up the bananas, because it’s impossible to enjoy a banana in the presence of this cat without him muscling in on your territory and stealing a lick. By the way, my vet says this is perfectly fine. Weird, but fine. That’s Max for you.

Secondly: November’s coming, and that means that it’s time for me to write my second shitty novel. I’ve attempted National Novel Writing Month a few times over the years, but up until 2010 I failed every time. Now that I’ve done it once, my goal is to write a somewhat less shitty novel, and the worn-out excuse that I’m too busy is not going to fly.

Last year, I was working six days a week at two jobs. Now I’m down to a forgiving four days at one job, so time isn’t an issue. I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to make it an issue, but I’ll be lying. I’m also arming myself with an outline. I’m taking it semi-seriously, because I have these characters and I know about all these horrible things that are going to happen to them and I’m going to spend November trying to put it into (a minimum of fifty thousand) words.

There you go. An actual blog post. Get used to it?

No promises.