Two cats is better than one cat (if you’re lucky)

Let me tell you about my cats

Max, a large silvery-grey cat, looks on at us lovingly.
That magnificent beast.

My boyfriend and I are lucky enough to have two cats, and the two-ness of that statement is a recent thing. Max has been our buddy for over four years, and adopting him was a dream come true. He’s friendly, chilled out, really silly, and super fluffy. When we introduced him to our new floating home, it took him a whopping 24 hours to get used to it, and he’ll spend hours sitting on the deck, staring at the water like a wistful sailor. Here are some quick Max facts:

  1. He loves bananas. The day before Max came home was the last day I was able to eat a banana in peace.
  2. He’s probably a Viking. We don’t know his true genetic makeup, but I’m sure he’s got a lot of Norwegian Forest Cat in him.
  3. I once saw him gobble up an entire (abandoned) spiderweb. So he’s not perfect.

It became obvious that Max was lonely. After careful consideration, we brought home a Hershey. Here are my favourite Hershey facts:

Hershey, a small bicolor Siamese cat, gives us a concerned glance.
  1. She loves Hawkins Cheezies, so we have a lot in common.
  2. If she had a catchphrase, I think it would just be “What?!”.
  3. She likes to bite my hair, right at the scalp, and pull as hard as she can, and that’s her version of “good morning”. She’s a bit of a freak.

How to force two cats to love each other

Thanks to our impeccable taste in adopted kitties, solid advice from the internet, determination and tons of luck, we made it through a few weeks with two very good catfriends. The BC SPCA has some solid tips for introducing a new cat to your existing cat (, and we followed them as closely as we could. The only advice I could add to this consists of two words:

Size difference.

We knew we had a huge cat on our hands, and we specifically looked for a small cat to be his pal. This wasn’t some selfish aesthetic desire; Max has been bullied by medium cats, and he’s played well with small cats before, so we thought a tiny feliney would be less of a threat and more to his taste.

Before becoming a multicat household, I daydreamed about two cats cuddling, following each other around, grooming each other. What I didn’t expect was literal copycat behaviour.

Two cats curled up in identical positions.
Both cats in circle formation, tails tucked neatly under chins, pretending to sleep. They are the same cat, and yet they are so different.

I catch them doing this all the time. The fact that Hershey is less than half the size of Max makes this whole thing impossibly funny to me. But don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of cuddling, and grooming, and wrestling.

I can’t say that everyone should get two cats, or that it’ll be this easy – I know a few fightin’ fluffsters out there. But it was definitely the best kitty decision we’ve made.


Maxopotamus from every possible angle

I spent most Wednesday mornings hanging out with our cat. Since he spends the other weekday mornings making his hurt-feelings face and Marge Simpson sounds because I’m busy getting ready for work, Wednesday is the day that I try to make that up to him. It’s also the day that I use to get as many housewifey chores out of the way as possible. Housewife Wednesdays are my favourite day of the week.

The mornings always start slowly, full of optimism. Sometimes those long mornings stretch into the afternoon, and then Scott gets home from work and it all goes downhill from there. I’m not saying today won’t go like that (anything’s possible!), but I know I got a ridiculously huge task out of the way: I finally put more pictures of Max on Flickr.

I used to take pictures of everything. EVERYTHING. Mostly Scott. But also everything. That habit waned a bit, and now I only take pictures of cats, bands, and food, just like a good Internet Person, but I’ve still got this backlog of various pictures that I want to put up, but never get around to organizing. I’ve still got a few happenings from this year and last (and anything before that can suck it), but the cat pictures were the most colossal and daunting of computer-related janitorials.

Behold! The early pictures of him melt my widdle heart because he’s become such a grand fluffy beast since then. I’m going to go find him and give him a little kiss on the top of his head. And then I’m going to do some dishes.



Max likes the new heater for all the wrong reasons.


I guess it is warm in there. And if I were a cat, I’d probably hang out in a box I don’t fit into too.