Missing out.

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought tickets to anything. I haven’t been to a show in yonks (at least two yonks, and I’m talking metric). It’s mostly a time thing.

I decided that I’d make time, and treat myself. I knew one of my favorite bands would be playing here some time in late October-ish, and since I’ve been so busy and tired all the time that I deserved a little present. I keep associating “experiencing stress” with “deserving presents”. But it hasn’t become a problem, because I enjoy presents.

I just didn’t have the presence of mind (see what I did there?) to act on this earlier, because the Morning Benders have come and gone. I hope it was well-attended and lovely.

The first track from their latest album, Big Echo, is exquisite. I reach for it all the time. If iTunes had speed dial, the biggest button would be assigned to Excuses.

And I’m stupid so I missed it. That stresses me out, so I think I’ll get something nice for myself.

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