Hello from where I’m supposed to be

Like most, I’m staying at home right now, and like many, there’s a lot of uncertainty to look forward to. What better time to come back to WordPress? After all, I can’t spend my entire waking life shaking trees on Train Island.

It's a Frisky Dingo reference! It is absolutely not a Drops of Jupiter reference and you have to leave town if you assumed as much.
It’s a Frisky Dingo reference! It is absolutely not a reference to a band by that name and you have to leave town if you assumed as much.

I’m fortunate to consider the extra free time a luxury; I know this and do not intend to overdescribe how lucky I am in the midst of a global pandemic, so I’ll just spill everything now: I have a home, a significant other to share it with, not much in the way of obligations, a pair of cute cats, and a profession and hobbies perfectly suited to waiting out the virus. But nobody wants to know this unless they already know all of these things and are either my friend or related to me. Is that you reading this? Hello buddy!

Honestly, I’m mostly doing this to practice my penmanship. Thats’ right, I’m writing this entire post longhand.

Don't believe me? That's weird, but I got you covered!
Don’t believe me? That’s weird, but I got you covered!

I’ve lost count of how many words I’ve erased and started over and over again, simply because I didn’t like the way it looked. I’re been journaling in cursive for a few years on and off, and Ive grown to love it as an exercise in patience, and as a different way to relate to words. You’ve never stopped talking mid-word because you got all hung up on how a lowercase r is formed, have you? I spent at least a month obsessing over that very letter, and if you ask me I still make a mess of them.

So, if you enjoy inconsequential nonsense like this, I’m glad I got this much out for you! I have a terrible track record when it comes to consistency, though, so I’m putting my money on nothing (who has money right now anyway?) and making no promises.

See you next time, which may be as long as a few years if my luck holds. Uncertainty ahoy.


Hello again?

Every time I go to write a new post, I remember that something terrible has happened in the world, and I stop.

Yes, this has been going on for years, but I’ve just stopped. That’s right, I’ve stopped stopping. While I harbour no delusions of my voice being a particularly important one, it is a unique one, and using it makes me feel nice, and that’s exactly as many reasons necessary for me to pick up a new hobby.

Why now? I’ve recently switched jobs, and my new gig does not involve as much writing, and my clever little puns are being abandoned all willy-nilly. They’re gone now. You’ll never know if they were actually clever at all. But they were and I can’t prove it.

There might be more coming soon. Or there might not be. My creative output is inconsistent when it exists in public at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Just another day 

Today is my birthday!

I’ve booked the day off, and I’m celebrating with a leisurely day: a hot bath, and a movie tonight (Star Wars, because Deadpool hasn’t opened yet) followed by dinner at a nearby pub. I’ve also hidden my birthday from Facebook notifications, and I haven’t made an effort to notify the people around me that the ol’ odometer (OLDometer – ha!) was about to flip. Why? Am I becoming increasingly hermit-like as I age? Am I having a mid-life crisis?

Maybe, and no. Beneath my layers of sage wisdom (lol) and child-like whimsy (I am, like, SO random!) lurk some deep-seated superstitions, mostly involving not poking the sleeping beast that is a happy  life. And that’s really what I’m living right now, so rather than tooting my birthday horn, I’d rather toot a regular everyday horn and enjoy the things I always enjoy and thank whichever lucky stars aligned to let me feel like almost every day is my kind-of birthday.

Work is a huge part of that. When I was little and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered with “teacher”. I’m pretty sure I meant to say “Twitter”, though. That was pretty soothsayerish of me. I didn’t book today off because working on my birthday would have been a drag – I really just wanted to sleep in.

And living in a house that floats on the ocean is a sweet deal! Since I love canoeing, staring at ducks, and diagonal wood panelling, it’s my personal dream come true.

Another day, another bufflehead .

Sharing this house with Scott is a dream come true-er, too. It’s one thing to come up with fun ideas like buying a house on the ocean to live in, or adopting a second cat (not all ideas have to be wacky to be brilliant), but to turn to the person next to you and know they’re totally on board (sometimes literally)? That’s solid gold. When I was a teenager, a really fantastic adult in my life told me that the only way I’d get by in life was to find a rich guy dumb enough to marry me. I’m not the type to gloat, but I keep that memory around exclusively for the purpose of gloating. Wrong on all counts, awful adult from the past.

Come to think of it, I spent too much of my childhood fielding dumb questions and even dumber remarks. And here I am now, looking forward to just another day.


Hershey is so proper.

Instagram: I think she matches up the white markings on her paws on purpose. And she sits on the parts of the duvet that match her colours.

I think she matches up the white markings on her paws on purpose. And she sits on the parts of the duvet that match her colours.



Instagram: SO MUCH YUM!  I love you @vijsrailway

Days when Vij’s Railway Express visits work are the best days, lunch-wise.