The Goldilocks Zone of DIY Candy Corn, part 1

My first attempt: a little chewy, but worth the effort, I'm told!

Candy corn may not seem like the most timely obsession, but I have enough love for the stripey little triangles for the entire year. When I have it on hand, I only crave more. Paired with my fledgling obsession with making delicious treats, the quest to make my own was inevitable. I’ve tried it twice,…… Continue reading The Goldilocks Zone of DIY Candy Corn, part 1

Broken Mixer Heartbreak

I'll miss you, large blue buddy.

When something lovely and infinitely useful enters your life, it winds tough roots around the very foundation of your existence. Especially if it involves your favourite way to spend almost every waking minute of your time. That’s how I felt about our Kitchenaid stand mixer as soon as it arrived. It was beautiful, shiny and faultless.…… Continue reading Broken Mixer Heartbreak