They’re playing my song

I’m just going to say it, even if it sounds like bragging: I have amazing friends. And they do amazing things, and I’m the lucky one who gets to tag along. I’m always humbled by their company. A good a-humbling is an important part of a balanced personality, and weekends like the one I’ve just…… Continue reading They’re playing my song

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Awesome things that happened to me yesterday

The sheer force of my pride devastated the quality of this image.

I promise, I have no intentions of writing a bike blog. There’s a lot more to me than my bike (for example: the banana bread that I made and wrecked and then saved, which I will not discuss any further), but a lot of me happens on my bike. That last sentence seems kind of…… Continue reading Awesome things that happened to me yesterday

My pretty new friend

My previous post stands as proof that I am no soothsayer (yet?). It’s overwhelming to have so much to say, especially when all the fun keeps piling up in the recent past, just begging to be documented, and I’ve been dealing with having no idea where to start by not starting at all. That’s smart, right? The…… Continue reading My pretty new friend