What a lovely day!

It was my first day back after a long weekend, and I’ve got tomorrow off.

I punched things, which is what I do for fun. I punched hard. I wore animal print. I felt like a superhero.

I came home to a cold apartment, turned on a heater, and frolicked in front of it with my fluffy kitty.

I drew a bath, cracked a beer, and now I smell ridiculous as I concoct schemes for tomorrow that involve cantaloupe, punching things, and more frolicking. And, hopefully, The Avengers for the third time.

I put my hair up for this bath, and it’s in some plastic that keeps knocking against the wall, preventing me from an all-out relax. Knock knock knock. Grr.

Mysteries of the unknown

Sometimes I can feel something in the bath that’s not me. It’s usually a wayward sponge, or an escaped bit of bubble bar, or my phone. But my initial assumption is always Ogopogo.

Jump rope break

Ever since my week off, which did not involve me sitting at a desk for eight hours a day at all, I’ve conjured an assumption that my 2pm urge to nap comes from sitting down all day.

It happens to most of us where I sit, and I know that chocolate bars don’t help (chocolate bars never help). Today I’m going to see if a few minutes of sweet jump rope action will do the trick.

It’s raining! I might get go to skipping in the rain! How romantic!